A special personalised gift for your beautiful dancer - perhaps an examination "congratulations"? Dancetutus now offers Dance Shopper Bags, drawstring Dance Shoe Bags, and zip up bags for hair accessories or stage make-up. All are fully breathable and machine-washable, since htey are made from cotton.


These handmade bags are available in stock, or to order if we do not have the fabric you desire. Priced from £6.50, the fabrics are 100% Cotton, and are therefore breathable and washable. 


Contact Clare with your choice of bag and fabric.

Dance Bags: Go "Plastic-free"

"Pointe Shoe" Shoppers
Make-Up / Hair Bags
Small Shopper Bags
Dance Shoe Bags
"Star" Bags
Shopper & Shoe Bags
Cotton Lined Shopper Bags
hair bags
Shoe & Shopper Bags
Gifts for the younger girl
"Musical" pouches
"Pointe Shoe" Bags & Shoppers
Cotton Shoppers
Bags for Stage Make-Up
Breathable Dance Shoe Bags
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Unique handmade ballet tutus, dance costumes and accessories for your dancer.

Consultations in Lacock, Wiltshire or nationally via Facetime etc

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