Dance Gifts & Accessories - Go "Plastic-Free"

Dancetutus also has a range of handmade dance accessories and gifts, including dance shoe or pointe shoe bags, aprons, make-up or hair bags, customised slogan cushions, and "Love Dance" bunting. Many of Dancetutus handmade dance accessories are held in stock, and prove very popular for exam or competition "congratulation" gifts. Alternately they can be made to order to a colour scheme of your choosing. A wide range of fabrics is available. Gifts start from £6.50.  NEW products now include cotton aprons, and Personalised Corporate Products. Email me or click onto my Etsy shop. Click the photos below for details .....


Unique handmade ballet tutus, dance costumes and accessories for your dancer.

Consultations in Lacock, Wiltshire or nationally via Facetime etc

Products sold in The Dance Spot

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